About Us

BonBon Residences


About us? – A group of nerds longing for lifestyle, uniqueness, something mini, yet convenient, or maybe just nice enough.

Design and décor is our obsessive strength. Our apartments are not big in the size, yet each use of space has been carefully thought to maximize the convenience. We cannot compare the size with any condos, yet we spar with them all the couch size, bed size, mattress, kitchen… and even hot tub !!!

No words can describe in short. We have 1 bedroom (to be made into 2), loft, studio, bulk bed, hot tubs... totally 13 of them. It is exciting to make the new idea become real.


Anything else? What about a spectacular rooftop overlooking to GIRAFFES and ELEPHANTS. Yes, the zoo is opposite, nicely next to the canal and a walking parade. The rooftop is free for our guests with a reading corner and a massage chair. Tea and coffee are ready to serve !

If you want to travel to District 1? It is 5 minute walk across the bridge on our left and right. If you want to travel to East or West side of the city? It takes 5 minutes to taxi from us to Thu Thiem Bridge which then leads to the East-West highway.

We are the odds that love socializing. Sometimes you will get a knock on the door to receive an invitation letter, a surprise gifts, or simply just a greeting cards. But what really makes us different is our mission to take care of you like you’re a part of the family.

We are a team of 10 (or 9.5, 8.5… when a few of them become slackers…), but if you need to chat, we are always available.

Call us ! For a house tour, a coffee, or a chat ;-)