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1. Do we have motorbike parking? 

Yes, we do provide free and secured motorbike parking for in-house guests.


2. Do we have elevator? 

Yes, although our buildings are not condos, elevators are equipped to make our life easier.  

3. Do we have security and curfews? 

Yes and No. We have security 24/7. Although our gates are not always open, guests are always provided with a gate key at their check-in to access the gates on their own.  

4. Do we have high speed internet? 

Yes, we register high-speed internet package. However, network cables are sometimes interrupted due to traffic, technical problems, or simply weather. We do provide a back up 4G sim in the event of urgency and upon demand.  


5. How many people a room can accommodate? 

All of our rooms are designated as studios and queen sized beds. A room can accommodate 1 person or a couple. We do provide extra bed, however a room should not accommodate more than 4 adults to guarantee the quality of stay. 


6. Are our rooms kids friendly? 

It really depends on how old the kids are. Usually the rooms with the loft are not recommended for infants-toddlers, however the others should be fine. 


7. Are the rooms disabled-friendly? 

We do have elevator and security guys to help the disabled-guests. We highly recommend the rooms without the lofts for the disabled.  

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