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Get to know Saigon through a book

As we’re strolling through our days building BonBon, one of the most rewarding feeling is to be able to meet awesome people coming from all over the globe. We got to see the world from their stories and we also viewed our own city in a very different lenses. One from the guys at For 91 Days is one of the most phenomenal.

Talk about our “encounter” with them. It began with the excitement from day 1, no, actually from day 0 when we knew that some travel bloggers would come stay at BonBon. To the day they sent us their blog about our Banh Chung making event - That we were touched to think about how all our devotion to customer’s happiness has paid off. Not to mention countless discoveries they had shared with us over length of their exciting 91 days in Saigon.

Now we and our guests will have a chance to go through all the memories of this lovely couple again in their 91Days book about Saigon. In this e-book you will surely find out many interesting guides to explore our city, from the newcomer’s perspectives and also from locals’. 

That’s why we would recommend this book for both Saigon new coming travelers and locals seeking for hidden gems of the city.

Did we tell you BonBon is in this?


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Vietnamese Teacher's Day 20th November

Teaching is no doubt one of the most honorable careers on earth. Our teachers are our source of knowledge, our inspiration, our role model, our other parents and our trusted friends.

Every country has their own way of celebrating this important career: In America, they have a whole week call Teacher Appreciation Week, takes place in the first full week of May; In Philippines they take things to another level with a month long of celebrating starting from September 5th through the World Teachers' Day celebration in October 5th, making it the longest celebration to honor more than 500,000 teachers nationwide. In Vietnam, well, there is just one single day for celebration, however, doesn’t make it less important.

Teachers’ day in Vietnam is November 20th, but the celebration may begin much earlier. Almost every school has their own events which students prepare performances, dramas or handmade newspapers contain literature and art to welcome Teachers’ day. On the day, students would come in group or with their parents to the teachers’ places to give them flowers and gifts. Many former students also choose this time to gather at the former teachers’ as a way to reunite and show respect to their teachers.

Vietnam is a country in which education is highly emphasised. Our tradition of being deferential to teacher and respected for moral has spanned for thousands years and will continue to play a central role in the development of our country. If you are in Vietnam this time of the year and feeling the vibe, why not sending your former teachers a little love from faraway? They must be really happy.

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