Safety Management

Home Insurance



At BonBon Residences, we are aware of property related hazards and risks.

To maintain staffs and customers awareness at all times, we conduct a professional excellent fire drill practice monthly to ensure all of our fire fighting facilities are in working order. Besides, the need of being insured by a reputable insurance provider is no less important.

Hereby, we proudly announce that we have finally reached agreement with LIBERTY INSURANCE. That means, being our guests, your assets in the house zone are fully insured by LIBERTY.

At BonBon Residences, we commit to deliver excellent experience in accommodation and stylish living. We are thankful of our customers support and will seek to provide best possible services including your safety.

Stay safe, Stay Happy.

Firefighting Facilities


Our firefighting facilities are all in good working order and commited to the firefighting Parliament Law Decree No.  

Each guestrooms in BonBon Residences is equipped with smoke alarm, and our public area are all euipped with easily accessed fire extinguisher. There is a fire hydrant a couple of steps away from our front gate.

At BonBon Residences, we conduct professional fire drill practice on monthly basis. This event is not notified in advance so as to maintain seriousness and awareness amongst our staffs and guests. 

First aids


First aids facilities are available at our office, lobby and public access. 

All of our front office, housekeeping, customer care staffs are trained professionally first aids skills to firstly treat the scenes properly before the professional team arrives.

Our location is convenient to access big medical facilities:

  • Vinmec International Hospital
  • Family Medical Practice
  • East-West highway to access Hospitals at other ends: Cho Ray Hospital, Medical University Hospital...